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Addnode Group's major shareholders sell 7 075 000 B shares to institutional investors

5/5/2017 Press releases

Stockholm, May 5, 2017

Addnode Group has been informed by Vidinova AB ("Vidinova") and Aretro Capital Group AB ("Aretro Capital") that Vidinova has divested 5,575,000 Class B shares and Aretro Capital has divested 1,500,000 Class B shares in Addnode Group AB ("Addnode Group"). Together, this corresponds to 23.3 percent of the capital and 17.7 percent of the votes in Addnode Group.

Buyers are a number of institutions including Odin Funds through Odin Sverigefond and Nordea Fonder through Nordea Småbolagsfond Sverige and Nordea Småbolagsfond Norden.

The sale will increase the liquidity of the Addnode Group share and the available number of shares in the market (free float).

Aretro Capital, jointly owned by Staffan Hanstorp, Addnode Group's Chairman and Jonas Gejer, Business Area Manager for Product Lifecycle Management, will continue to assume responsibility as the main owner of Addnode Group, and support the long-term strategic focus set by Addnode Group's board and management.

The sale was conducted through a so-called accelerated book-building process at a price equivalent to SEK 76 per share.

Following the sale, Aretro Capital owns 625 332 Class A shares and 1,654,624 Class B shares, corresponding to 7.5 percent of the capital and 19.8 percent of the votes in Addnode Group. Vidinova owns 331,667 A-shares and 1,484,783 B-shares, corresponding to 6.1 percent of the capital and 12.8 percent of the votes in Addnode Group.

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Staffan Hanstorp, Chairman, Addnode Group
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Johan Andersson, CEO and President, Addnode Group
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Addnode Group acquires, operates and develops entrepreneur-driven companies that supply software and services to markets in which we have or can achieve a leading position. We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of software and services for design, construction and product data information, and a leading supplier of document and case management systems to public sector clients in Sweden and Norway. More than 600,000 engineers and officials use our system solutions on a daily basis.

We are 1,300 employees in Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Norway, Slovakia, UK, US and Serbia. Net sales in 2016 amounted to SEK 2,195 M. Addnode Group's Series B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. For more information, please visit: