The Board of Directors

Staffan Hanstorp

Staffan Hanstorp
Chairman of the Board and of the Remuneration Committee

Born 1957. 
Education and experience: Civil engineer, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Active in the Group since 2004, more than 30 years of experience as sales manager, marketing manager and CEO in the IT sector. Founded Technia in 1994, which was acquired by Addnode Group in 2004.
Current assignments outside the Group: Chairman of Byggnadsfirman Viktor Hansson AB and of IT & telecom companies in Almega; director of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
Shareholding in Addnode Group: Staffan Hanstorp owns 50 per cent of Aretro Capital Group AB, which owns 625,332 A shares and 1 654 624 B shares. Personal holding of 3,973 B shares.

Staffan Hanstorp has been considered independent by the nomination committee in relation to major shareholders in the company but is not considered independent in relation to the company and company management.

Johanna Frelin

Johanna Frelin 

Born 1969.
Education and experience: BA Luther College, USA, MBA Stockholm School of Economics. Experience: Long-term experience as head of Sweden's Television, CEO of Hyper Island. Nowadays CEO of Tengbom Group.
Current assignments: Board member of SNS and Springtime.
Shareholding in Addnode Group: Johanna Frelin does not own any shares in Addnode Group.

Considered independently in relation to the company and company management and major shareholders in the company.

Sigrun Hjelmquist

Sigrun Hjelmquist
Director, member of Audit Committee

Täby, born 1956. 
Education and experience: Civil engineer, M. Sc. Engineering Physics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Active within the Ericsson Group 1979–2000, mostrecently as President of Ericsson Components AB. Investment manager at BrainHeart Capital 2000–2005. Currently executive partner at Facesso AB.
Current assignments: Member of the boards of Edgeware AB, Clavister AB, Ragnsellsföretagen AB, Eolus Vind AB
Shareholding in Addnode Group: 1,000 B shares, plus 1,000 B shares owned by spouse.


Jan Andersson

Jan Andersson
Director, Audit Committee chair

Viken, born 1959.  
Education and experience: Civil engineer with specialisation in computer technology. Co-founder of Readsoft and President 1991–2011.
Current assignments: Chairman of MilDef AB and Fast2 AB, director of Olivetree AB, TimeZynk AB and Bioactive Polymeers AB, among other companies.
Shareholding in Addnode Group: 15,000 B shares.


Kristofer Arwin

Kristofer Arwin
Director, member of Audit Committee

Sollentuna, born 1970.  
Education and experience: B. Sc. Business Administration, Finance, Stockholm University. Co-founder of TestFreaks, a company that provides product ratings and review solutions to e-commerce customers in ten international markets. CEO of TestFreaks 2006–2013, Chairman of TestFreaks since 2013. Founded the price comparison company Pricerunner in 1999 and served as the company’s CEO until 2005, when the company was sold to the Nasdaq listed company ValueClick.
Current assignments: Director of the listed company Unibet Group plc since 2008 and of Alertsec AB since 2007.
Shareholding in Addnode Group: 2,180 B shares.


Thord Wilkne

Thord Wilkne
Director, member of the Remuneration Committee

Stockholm, born 1943. 
Education and experience: Secondary school economics degree. Co-founder of WM-data and CEO 1970–1997, Chairman 1998–2004.
Current assignments: Director of Rejlers AB and Temagruppen Sverige AB, among other companies.
Shareholding in Addnode Group: 400,000 B shares, plus 35 000 B shares owned by spouse. 


The Board’s main duty is to administrate the Group’s operationsin a long-term and value-creating wayand thereby promote the shareholders’interests in the best possible way. This work includes adopting guidelinesfor the company’s conduct in society, overarching goals and strategies, and conducting a yearly evaluation of the President’s performance.

The Board’sresponsibility for internal governance and control is regulated by the Swedish Companies Act, the Swedish Annual Accounts Act, Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code), as well as other applicable Swedish and international laws and regulations