About Us

Two core businesses 

  • Europe’s leading supplier of software and services for design, construction and product data information.

  • Leading supplier of document and case managemnt to the public sector clients in Sweden and Norway. 


  • We are characterised by entrepreneurship with short decision-making channels in which business-critical decisions are made as close to customers and end users as possible.
  • The Group’s subsidiaries are organised in business areas and operate independently under a joint brand platformin accordance with the Group’s strategies, core values and leadership principles.


We acquire businesses that fulfill at least one of our four criterias: 

  • They complement or strengthen an existing software ora service offering
  • They broaden our geographical presence or provide usaccess to a new customer market
  • Competent employees who are committed to bothinnovation and implementation
  • Technologies that further develop our offering.

Recurring revenue

  • Recurring revenue consist of support and maintenance agreemement together with SaaS solutions. 
  • In 2015, recurring revenue accountedfor 49 per cent of net sales.
  • We take long-term responsibility for the IT solutionswe deliver, which creates value and stability for ourcustomers and profitability for the Group even in a weakereconomic climate.